Not many countries have grasped the advantages and benefits that cloud computing offers like Australia.

In the new survey conducted by Forrester on behalf of VMware, Australia’s fondness for cloud computing, the accounting software for business, has once again been emphasized. This was according to the report of itWire.

Cloud computing has been perceived as a strategic business investment by some 47 per cent of businesses in Australia. This is in comparison to other markets as its number one benefit is cost reduction.

Compared to over a year ago, there has been an increase of seven percent in small businesses in Australia that already using accounting software for business. This is shown with 67 per cent of them using cloud computing.

"What is clear from the survey is that Australian companies are ahead of the game when it comes to cloud computing," says Duncan Bennet, Managing Director of VMware Australia and New Zealand.

Solid financial results have been enjoyed by VMware in the third quarter of this year.

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