The release of a new cloud computing solution has been confirmed by VMware, a leading virtualization company.

The new vCloud Connector 1.5 is aimed to make public and hybrid clouds a reality for businesses. This was stated through the company’s official blog. Among its top features is being able to transfer between cloud-based portals certain company data with such ease, efficiency, and speed.

More specifically, the vCloud Connector 1.5 features include:

1. Blocking tasks and notifications. The vCO can dynamically respond to vCloud Director tasks and notifications if the plug-in is combined with the AMQP plug-in.

2. Query service. This allows the software to collect information about numerous objects with speed.

3. 142 new actions as well as 47 new workflows allow complex automation to happen in less time.

4. From 160 objects before, there are already close 500 new objects with the support of the 1.5 API.

When businesses opt to use this vCloud 1.5, they can already do the following:

1. Efficiency through utilization and automation
IT performance can be increased with resource pooling and a dynamically optimized environment.

2. Agility with control
End-users are given the power to ensure security and preserve IT authority with the use of the vCloud. With this solution, businesses can now be able to address and respond to business concerns brought about by changing demands of time.

3. Freedom of choice
With the use of this solution, IT can still support traditional systems and still have that same flexibility.

Perhaps the best feature of this vCloud is that it is also compatible with other VMware products. This enables users to move from one solution to another in a seamless and hassle-free way.