As more and more online accounting programs are emerging in the web and increasingly becoming more and more popular, did you know that online accounting software are now also offering online payroll features?

Yes, online accounting software now features payroll services and is a perfect solution for your payroll needs, especially for SMEs.

Complete payroll web accounting software that fits the needs of most users regardless of their payroll requirements are now increasingly more available in the web nowadays.

Aside from being inexpensive and effective solutions, these accounting on line also have special features.

Tax Calculations are done automatically by payroll software, automatically calculating net pay, federal withholding tax, Social Security tax, Medicare, state and local payroll taxes. Thereby, this online payroll software feature greatly reduces the time required to prepare payroll for business owners who still do manual calculation of their withholdings. Moreover, software providers, as they are in fierce competition among a large number of other web accounting providers, are constantly and regularly updated with current tax laws and with most up to date tax tables.

Payroll software also enables for the creation of custom made deduction categories. Also, these online payroll programs automatically calculate deduction, and tax categories that are entered into the software and also keep track of all of the various categories you have created. Also User defined incomes and tax categories feature will also enable business owner to create situations that may be unique to their specific company making it very flexible and powerful.

Payroll software also can reliably complete your federal forms including W2 forms, 941,940 and 944 forms as well as create electronic payroll reports that can be printed or exported in different formats. This can help you save time, money, and stay in control as well as get an overview of your payroll history and pull up records for various dates within the tax year.

One example of online payroll provider is Shoebooks, Australia’s leading web based bookkeeping and accounting solution for SME businesses.

Shoebooks provides full online payroll software services that provide the ability to maintain employee records and perform all payroll related functions to businesses and is offered in a range of payroll services to suit your needs.

Shoebooks payroll software solutions vary depending upon a business’ number of employees and how their pay is calculated. It includes payroll processing, super payments and ATO reporting.

The Shoebooks payroll module is fully integrated into Shoebooks accounting software and can be operated as a standalone payroll module and is offered on a fixed price basis.

Shoebooks Payroll Software Solutions
  • Online Timesheet Submission
    Shoebooks software is configurable so employees can login and complete their timesheet online. It allows the employer/team leader to login and approves the timesheet. Once approved, Shoebooks can then process the payroll and send the employer a set of reports together with electronic payment file

  • Offline Timesheet Submission
    Shoebooks allows for timesheets to be sent by post, fax or email. Once received, Shoebooks will then key timesheet information into the system and process the payroll. Shoebooks will then send to the employer a set of reports together with an electronic payment file. 

  • Employer Sends Hours
    In simple payrolls where timesheets are not used, the employer can advise Shoebooks the hour for employees and details of any leave taken by phone, fax or email. Shoebooks will then process the payroll using this information and then send the employer a set of reports together with an electronic payment file

  • Bureau Style
    Shoebooks accepts full outsourcing of a business’ payroll function. Shoebooks can setup a system to capture employee hours and leave details. Then Shoebooks will process the payroll, remit the funds to employees and then send a set of reports to the employer. Shoebooks can also process the electronic payment file on the employees’ behalf. Likewise, Shoebooks can also handle directly payroll enquiries from employees.

With online payroll software and especially with Shoebooks full payroll software processing services solutions; you can better manage your pay records and keep employees happy.

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