, Australia’s simple yet comprehensive online accounting software provider, has now grown even bigger and better!

Shoebooks, an Australian accounting software provider located in Melbourne, Australia, was originally established in 2002 to provide flexible, efficient and affordable online accounting software and bookkeeping solutions to small and medium business. Its online bookkeeping and accounting software was originally developed as a primary delivery method that reports to and collects information from clients.

For many years Shoebooks’ managing director, David Dean B. Bus (Acc), has analyzed and developed best practice bookkeeping and billing systems and along with his business partner Michael Szirom, Database Engineer, was able to develop a customized online accounting and bookkeeping solution that stands alone from the competition in effectively servicing the SME sector.

Now, the software has evolved and has become a full featured double entry accounting system that can compete with other mainstream accounting software packages.

To date, the small company accounting software provider now comprises of two separate business divisions, one offering fully featured online accounting and payroll software while the other outsourced bookkeeping and payroll services.

Currently, being an online platform, Shoebooks now offers many advantages that enable them to take over the big guys in accounting software industry.

Shoebooks provides the benefit of being easily accessible from any geographical location as well as well-known to support modern workplaces where staffs are enabled to work from home or for organizations that are spread across multiple locations.

Shoebooks also supports outsource bookkeeping services along with clients and bookkeepers being provided with access to the software at the same time.

Shoebooks also enables accountants and business advisers to have real time access without the need to exchange backup disks; thus, removing the risk of computer security issues such as viruses, backup & hardware malfunctions.

Also, Shoebooks has the ability to communicate online with other online banking systems, without the need for an import/export process.

Moreover, Shoebooks online accounting software has recently been updated with the following features Profit & Loss Detail, General Ledger Detail Report, Bank Reconciliation Screen, User Access Screen, Payslip List Report, Hours Worked Report, Payslip Super, Employee List Report, Payslip Batch, Pay Cheque Batch, Aging Totals for AR & AP, and Payroll.

Shoebooks intends to roll out several updates as necessary over the coming months as it aims to provide the best online accounting and invoicing software solutions, tackling the big guys in accounting software industry.