Among the most important measures for a business’ success is its productivity. The more productive it is, the faster it will grow and the bigger the profits. That is why it is essential to always make sure that the business, particularly, its employees’ productivity.

There are many ways to do this and the following are examples.
  • Use the most appropriate and effective method of making your to-do list. This is important because you have to be at ease and comfortable with your method to be able to have a good output. Some people find it easier when they use a small notebook or a deck of post its. For some others, they like to make a spreadsheet which is easier and more organized to read. There are also others who like to use a calendar notebook or a planner complete with dates, reminders, and other sections.
  • List down all tasks and then decide which ones are urgent or more important. Those which need to be done right away should have to be placed at the top. Decreasing importance should be followed. And as you finish a task, cross them out from the list to know what to accomplish next.
  • When writing down your tasks, always begin with an action work as this tends to be stronger and has greater impact to the one reading it. It is straight-forward and strong.
  • You may want to include in your list a time frame. Estimate how much time you will need for each task. You need not strictly follow the time allotment as you might sacrifice quality for speed. With the time, you will have a guide as to how much you need to spend on a particular task.
  • If you happen to encounter a task that is too complicated or one that involves processes, then try to break this down into steps or sections and write each section as an individual task. As you go along and cross out those which have been completed, you will realize that you have already done much and be motivated to do more.
  • Learn to delegate your work. Even the most effective and most industrious employee cannot do everything. Besides, work shared is work lessened and hastened. So, always delegate tasks according to each person’s abilities. Put these together and you get a whole project or output.
  • Always be ready with your materials and references. For example, if you need to call several numbers, you have to have the number within reach. Otherwise, you will procrastinate since you need more time to acquire the number.
  • Block websites which can distract the employees such as social networking sites. If these are accessible, the employees may just be checking their profiles much of the time and nothing is done at the end of the day.
Productivity is something that has to be practiced. It is not achieved overnight. Besides, it is something that is achieved with group effort. Everybody has to help and cooperate to be able to be productive.

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