In the marketing aspect of a business, there is also a great revolution. This is what Daryl Colwell, MediaWhiz vice president, points out in his statement about content marketing being the future of marketing. From the trend of utilizing accounting software for small business, companies today are starting to jump into the wagon of marketing with online content.

The Content Marketing Institute describes “content marketing” as a technique that creates and distributes valuable content with the aim of attracting and engaging a defined target audience.

With content marketing, business owners leverage on online presence by posting content and letting millions see it quickly without any costs. This strategy saves owners from spending ten thousand dollars for a marketing stint.

The success of content marketing depends on the number of people seeing the content, which is ideally millions, even billions. Today, this is not an unrealistic value since, presently, 2 billion YouTube videos are watched daily, 200 million blog posts are published on WordPress, 50 million tweets air on Twitter, and 1 billion people use Facebook. Content marketing exposes a certain business content to literally billions of people.

With these in mind, what are the best practices in content marketing?
  1. Frequency. Post content as often as possible. If your content is useful, people will return to your site to look for more worth-reading and shareable content. Leaving your site stagnant is a great way to lose following. 
  2. Complete the job. There is a three-step process to creating content: content creation, content publishing, and content targeting. Ensure that all the steps are carried out. 
  3. Widen reach. Create accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms, then share your content through them. As long as you keep your content up-to-date and interesting, users will share them to their own networks, in effect spreading content together with your brand. 
  4. Be original. With Google's Panda 2.2 update, you will only benefit from creating fresh, unique, and quality content.
Make sure that all possible areas are covered in order to grow your business. From using a good small business accounting software in taking care of money matters, move to using the power of the internet in order to widen your customer base by investing in content marketing.

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