Cyber bullies are focusing their virtual sights over businesses that have less than 250 employees, and they have the capability to reach their sinister goals.

Based on the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report, up to 31% of cyber attacks in 2012 have affected small and medium businesses (SMB). SMB owners are wondering why the attackers have shifted their sights to organisations that can ‘rake’ smaller profits from large corporations.

Internet professionals have found the answer: attacking SMBs is easier. Launching a premeditated cyber attack is easier because SMBs tend to have fewer resources invested in internet security.

Hackers also use the “watering hole” technique. The hacker infiltrates a website of interest that can attract hundreds of SMBs. Once the SMBs make contact, the hacker will be able to steal important data such as business secrets and banking information.

These following tips were emphasised in the cyberspace to help SMBs raise their protection from hackers:
  • Keep information secured. SMBs should start investing in the protection of business and financial information. Modern accounting software for small businesses has security measures to keep hackers at bay. A detailed research is necessary to find the software that can offer the best protection.
  • Create strong passwords. Internet experts advise SMBs to create passwords that are longer than eight characters and combined with different numbers and symbols. This way, hackers will have a hard time infiltrating the business.
  • Encryption technology. By putting encryption system within the file storages of the business, unauthorised access will be prevented. This will keep business information secured for a long-term period.
  • Create reliable backup systems. Security providers offer a way for SMBs to backup their business data. Common small business accounting software uses cloud system, making backup processes quick and reliable.
Professionals are certain that cyber attacks will continue to increase. As counter-measures, internet security providers are also developing tricks of their own, but they require the initiative of SMB owners.

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