Accounting Software plays a vital role in business owner’s ability to stay on top of their companies finances.

The Planning Shop President, Rhonda Abrams, shared with USA Today that managing money should be viewed by entrepreneurs as just as important as making profits. She emphasized that the use of accounting software will assist greatly in achieving this. Accounting systems keep track of accounting records far better and much easier than manual methods.

Accounting software also allows businesses to examine trends and make projections. Abrams also advised the importance that bills and invoices are dealt with on time, to keep a reserve of money from major deals and to limit the credit offered to individual clients.

Ms Abrams added that, “A few simple steps and you'll be on your way to an excellent credit rating, a great relationship with a bank and a good night's sleep.”

It can also be noted that last month, accountancy expert and author, Karla Dennis, told Entrepreneur Magazine that accounting software helps eliminate avoidable tax errors.

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