Wants to make Business Burdens Easier?
The Productivity Commission has been tasked by the Australian Federal Government to undertake a study that aims to make businesses easier to operate.

The study will address regulatory reform opportunities and evaluate reform outcomes.

This study will replace the commission’s fifth annual review of regulatory burdens on businesses, seek public submissions, and in six months will have to report back to the government.

According to Nick Sherry, the minister assisting on deregulation, a key driver of productivity growth is the ongoing regulatory reform which is being recognised by the Gillard government.

“That is why we have embedded regulatory reform as a core government activity, with a comprehensive agenda aimed at reducing red tape for businesses of all sizes,” said Sherry.

“We are driving this reform process both at a national level through COAG (the Council of Australian Governments) and at a commonwealth level through better regulation ministerial partnerships,” he added.

Identifying regulatory reform opportunities and priorities, as well as evaluating regulation reform outcomes, will be targeted by the study. Furthermore, lessons gathered from Australia and overseas will also be examined.

These lessons will be the basis for analysing possible frameworks in order to identify those areas performing poorly.

“Good regulatory reform relies on effectively identifying reform opportunities in order to prioritise the allocation of resources to areas of the highest likely benefit,” said Sherry.

According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, Australia was one of the front-running countries in February 2010 in terms of its regulatory reform practices.

“The Gillard government is determined to build on this impressive record, by maintaining the momentum of regulatory reform and making it easier for Australian businesses to operate,” said Sherry.

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