Cloud computing has been considered helpful and efficient by many small businesses. This is because IT functions such as database servers, file servers, document storage, and application development are given an alternative.

There are many advantages that can be achieved by any business that engages in cloud computing. The following is a rundown of these.

1. Savings on infrastructure
Instead of businesses buying additional computers and database servers, they can opt to utilize cloud computing by paying a monthly fee. The savings are enormous considering that one server with OS and applications is tantamount to thousands of dollars.

2. Saving on Set up and Management
Once a new OS or application is purchased, the IT staff will have to know how to install and manage it. This is time-consuming. However, if the small business uses the cloud as its small accounting software, this part of management and maintenance is already taken care of. There are administrators whose main task is just to support specific applications.

3. Saving on Utilities
When a business uses its own data center, it may be under-utilized due to the fact that it is too big for the small operations. This means that the company is paying for something that is not maximized. But when utilizing accounting online through cloud computing, the costs to run the business’ operations are smaller.

4. Better performance
Since cloud providers cater to many small and big businesses, they buy high-performance systems to provide nothing but the best services.

5. Increased agility
Even external contractors, partners and customers may also be served by cloud providers. This feature will allow the small business to respond more quickly and efficiently to changes in the needs of the customers.

6. Increased fault tolerance
When using an in-house server, technical problems are taken care of by the IT people themselves. And sometimes, this gets to be too tough that it would need more time and money to troubleshoot. However, when utilizing the cloud as accounting software, faults are addressed more efficiently such as power outages and nightly backups.

It is no wonder that online bookkeeping is the choice among many small businesses today.

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