Any business today that wants to grow and expand its reach definitely needs to have bookkeeping software, preferably online bookkeeping. This is because the trends in businesses have changed, customer demand is growing, and competition is tightening.

Bookkeeping software is known to bring about a number of advantages to a company or business.

Basically, the two main reasons why it is important to keep a business’ books are for management and growth of business and tax requirements.

The first one ensures that the financial performance and position of a business are made available anytime for one’s perusal, financial health of the business can be assessed, and the owner and the accountant may be able to analyze the expenses of the business for cost-cutting measures.

The second reason makes it possible for books of account to be readily available for external purposes and to be able to complete the tax return or tax claim.

Such bookkeeping activities can be done efficiently by Shoebooks. It is Australia’s top and leading provider of online accounting software and bookkeeping software. Its services come in three models namely: Hourly Rate, Prepaid Hour Blocks, and Fixed Price Packages.

Under the Hourly Rate, the user will only have to pay for whatever actual time was spent on one’s work. There is a dedicated account manager who will be assigned for every client or user who will act as the main contact between Shoebooks and the client. Each month, the business will receive a monthly time report, which includes the time record, to ensure that transparency is observed.

Meanwhile, the Prepaid Hour Blocks also only makes the user pay for the actual time spent. But the good thing is that, the unused hours are carried over to the next period.

Finally, Fixed Price Packages are the services which are being offered for online payroll and online bookkeeping. In order for Shoebooks to understand a company’s bookkeeping records, there has to be a fixed price package that has to be agreed upon.

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