In any type of business, may it be SMEs or corporations, payroll has always played a major role both in the business’ administrative and employees sides.

In the employees’ perspective, payroll is a source of joy for employees. If being paid accurately and timely, it can bring a satisfying compensation of a job well done. Whereas, for business owners, payroll is an essential and crucial accounting matter as it can considerably affect the net income of any business. If payroll accounting is not done accurately and timely for any errors, it can cause businesses to lose money and causes unnecessary upsets to employees.

However, with the current global economic uncertainties nowadays, putting undue pressure for businesses to focus more in order to survive and thrive, there is now a different trend in payroll.

Businesses are now provided with the choice of doing its payroll in-house or outsourcing them.

Inhouse payroll. With the advances in technology, providing businesses with business accounting software packages, as well as payroll software packages, businesses nowadays are offered unprecedented control for in house HR and payroll departments.

Implementing your payroll solution inhouse will provide you full control of a functionally rich system incorporating everything you need to ensure that your business remains compliant. There are many fully integrated online payroll software available in the web that provides payroll and human resources software solutions, combined with Time & Attendance, Recruitment and web based functionality, in a unitary database to streamline your operations and extract meaningful reports and statistics to help drive your business forward.

Inhouse payroll also provides a better sense of familiarity and ownership, increases employee trust and communication, as well as provides cost control and ad hoc reporting can be done with no extra cost.

On the other hand, outsource payroll provides businesses the advantage of savings on space and staff; access to contingency planning and disaster recovery as well as to maintenance and IT support. Outsource payroll also frees you from recruitment cost and hassle as it is dealt already by the provider.

So, interested with either taking an online payroll software solution for your inhouse payroll or even online outsourcing solution for your payroll?

Shoebooks, Australia’s leading web based bookkeeping and accounting solution for SME businesses, also offers a complete online payroll processing solutions designed specifically for Australian and New Zealand SME and larger businesses.

Offered in a range of payroll services to suit your needs, Shoebooks full payroll software services can provide you with the ability to maintain employee records and perform all payroll related functions to businesses.

Fully integrated into Shoebooks accounting software and can be operated as a standalone payroll module offered on a fixed price basis, Shoebooks online payroll solutions vary depending upon a business’ number of employees and how their pay is calculated. It includes payroll processing, super payments and ATO reporting.

Payroll Software Solutions
  • Online Timesheet Submission
  • Shoebooks software is configurable so employees can login and complete their timesheet online. It allows the employer/team leader to login and approve the timesheet. Once approved, Shoebooks can then process the payroll and send the employer a set of reports together with electronic payment file.
  • Offline Timesheet Submission
  • Shoebooks allows for timesheets to be sent by post, fax or email. Once received, Shoebooks will then key timesheet information into the system and process the payroll. Shoebooks will then send to the employer a set of reports together with an electronic payment file.
  • Employer Sends Hours
  • In simple payrolls where timesheets are not used, the employer can advise Shoebooks the hour for employees and details of any leave taken by phone, fax or email. Shoebooks will then process the payroll using this information and then send the employer a set of reports together with an electronic payment file
  • Bureau Style
  • Shoebooks accepts full outsourcing of a business’ payroll function. Shoebooks can setup a system to capture employee hours and leave details. Then Shoebooks will process the payroll, remit the funds to employees and then send a set of reports to the employer. Shoebooks can also process the electronic payment file on the employees’ behalf. Likewise, Shoebooks can also handle directly payroll enquiries from employees.
With Shoebooks full payroll software processing services solutions; you can better manage your pay records and keep employees happy, whether your do inhouse payroll or outsource.

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