Businesses follow trends. In this sense, marketing also has to follow these trends. And since trends change every so often, every business should make their marketing strategies suitable to these trends.

For 2013, there is a set of new trends also. Aside from transferring to automation through the use of accounting software, here are the top marketing tips for this year.

  1. Customer surveys are going to be a top marketing strategy. Through this, you can have feedbacks from customers to let you know where you stand and improve your products and services.
  2. Optimized online presence. With many people switching to the online world, it is important for your business to cope with this change and have its own website. Social media networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter all provide a greater exposure for your online business. To entice more customers, you can initiate a discussion or a contest.
  3. Use several marketing strategies. Never limit your business. After all, this article presents you only the ten top marketing tips for this year. There are a lot more out there.
  4. Pair off with another business and then agree to send both of your businesses’ business cards when marketing.
  5. As soon as your customer makes a purchase, you have to do a follow up by offering another one of your offers immediately. Take the momentum of the customer as the purchasing is still in the process.
  6. Know your competition. It is not enough that you provide products and services; you have to know what the competition is selling, how they are selling it, and what the products can do.
  7. This is in continuation to number 6. Make your product different from that of the competition. Do something or include something into your product or service like a freebie or an extra service to entice the customer to choose your product over the other.
  8. Customer service should be a top priority. Do not be contented just selling items to your customers. You have to connect with them and establish rapport. This way, the customer will believe that you are not only after making sales but also at making sure that you are able to provide what the customers need.
  9. If you already have a website, allow online shopping through it. This is the most convenient way of shopping now. So give this convenience to your customers by offering this in your website.
  10. Accounting online never fails. No matter the year or day, the use of the accounting software will always be your partner for progress.
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