Every business should strive for a strong cash flow in order to cope with never-ending expenses. However, this cannot be achieved without a reliable invoicing software, one that will automate the invoicing process without sacrificing accuracy and preciseness. In this light, here are some tips for a better or rapid cash flow for your business:

  1. With the help of an accounting software, the business will be able to send an invoice to customers immediately, in turn making it receive payments faster. This prevents any delay in invoice deployment once a project has been completed or a product has been delivered.
  2. If a company and a customer have agreed on staggered payments, the former should furnish invoice according to the portions of the service or product that has been delivered or completed.
  3. A business should be polite at all times when sending an invoice. This manner is found out to increase the chance of receiving an early payment by 5 percent. It also follows that, even if the company is providing the service, it is still at the mercy of the customer. Words like “please” and “thank you” would be good to build rapport with the customer.
  4. Always ensure clarity in the invoice. Putting the due date and the mode of payment will not only hasten getting paid, but it will also provide convenience to the customer.
  5. Inform the customer accordingly regarding possible charges. It is also important to inform the customer in writing that charges may apply if the payment indicated in the invoice is not paid on the specified date. This procedure ensures that the customer will still respect the company for its firm, pure business stand.
With the help of an accounting software from Shoebooks, making and sending an invoice to several customers becomes more streamlined, and data and figures are presented in real-time.

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