A booming and renowned business - that is the ultimate goal of every business owner. But due to competition and other factors, this seems to be a dream farther than the stars. Add to that the terrifying idea that they have to spend half of their profits for advertising to reach a wider market. All these challenges in business expansion can be overcome with wise and proven ideas from successful venturers. Aside from utilising online accounting programs to streamline financial recording, the following tips are money-free ways in expanding a business:

  • Invest in a website. This is one sure strategy in opening up a business to the wider market. By contracting web developers and buying a unique domain for more or less $5 per year, an online version of a business can already be set up. Aside from increasing customer base, a website for a business also makes transacting easier.
  • Utilise social media. Considered as the most effective tools for publicity and advertising, social media platforms (Facebok, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) make a huge and positive impact on the presence of a business. Aside from getting supporters in these platforms, it is equally essential to generate high-quality content that will drive customers to come back and make an eventual purchase.
  • Make good products. Advertising efforts become ineffective if a business produces or provides poor-quality products and services. The best practice is to maintain product quality no matter the quantity. For this, stringent quality control pre- and post-production must be established.
  • Invest in a workforce. Customer service must be a priority, so a company should conduct service trainings, seminars, and team-building activities to improve the customer-handling skills and elevate the work morale of the staff.

With the mentioned business-expansion techniques, there is no need to spend most of a company's hard-earned profits for solely advertising. In today's modern business ways, business growth is summarised in three words: presence, quality, and people.