Shoebooks has just raised the quality of its business accounting software by integrating a project costing feature. The goal of the integration is to provide another way for clients to increase the viability of their businesses. With the project costing feature, clients can manage the costs of projects so that profit is maximized and loss is minimized.

The project costing system also allows multiple project setups for business owners that are handling hundreds of clients on a regular basis. With this flexible feature, the expansion of any business has a viable growth in the shortest time possible. Staff costs are also tracked down in the system according to client priority. Business owners can scale up or down the related staff costs to any project.

This feature also allows business owners to break up projects into parts so the business team can use different approaches and strategies. Tasks can also be divided and assigned to team members with the appropriate skills. According to the innovators of Shoebooks, the project costing system can also speed up the logistics of any business by a high percentage.

Salary management can also be finished with relative ease because of the system’s responsive controls. Business owners can modify any salary-related data as often as they want. This is essential for business owners since they can alter the salaries and budgets of their employees according to performance. The Shoebooks team has also added an invoice library so clients can check out past transactions to correct discrepancies.
Shoebooks online accounting software has attracted more business owners and companies - not only in Australia but worldwide - with the introduction of this project costing system. In the initial release of the new feature, the programme has received more accolades, in turn increasing its market rating. Currently, the project costing feature is available for testing as Free Trial.

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