Marketing remains as an important process that can determine the growth of a small business. Marketing must be parallel to the entrepreneur’s goal, size and nature of the business, target market, and the key product or service. Global professionals have come up with reliable marketing tips and strategies to help entrepreneurs reach their business goal within a little time.

Setting an accurate plan

With a fool-proof and precise marketing plan, the business owner can play the odds in his favour. He can envision the whole marketing system, along with the projected business costs. The marketing plan serves as the entrepreneur’s road map to success.


A consistent entrepreneur will become successful in any endeavour. With a focused mind, he will see the current status of his business without biases at all. Once needed, he can now implement strategies for the betterment of his business. If the marketing is consistent, there will be low overhead costs. Another way to make a marketing system consistent is by relying on the service of providers of accounting software for small business.


To begin with, the business must have a strong marketing strategy that will cut through competition like a surgeon’s scalpel. A competitive marketing strategy is dynamic, result-oriented, and manageable.

Improving web presence

Online presence can also determine the success of a marketing strategy. Information travels through websites, blogs, and user forums. If a business has a website, it will gain thousands of potential customers and the brand will improve.

Creative response system

Most businesses today are using auto-responders and answering machines. Business owners can customise the messages inputted into these systems to create a better effect. Rather than plain greetings, marketing experts have stated that short and creative business pitches are now important customer-driving trends.


Every month, the business should have a newsletter. The purpose of a newsletter is to strengthen the bond between the product and the customer. Common newsletter technique is tip-sharing, from which the customers can get viable information.

Special offers

After a customer buys a product, the business owner can send him a ‘thank-you’ note. This note is also a privilege for the customer to gain discounts for his next purchase. The creative entrepreneur can come up with dozens of special business offers.

Open-house events and seminars

While this may have moderate or high costs, seminars are useful as a form of marketing leverage. The users will now become more aware of the products offered by the business. Seminars with minimal entrance fee are more effective compared to free ones. One reason attributed to this is that customers perceive that free seminars are just glorified sales presentations.


Networking is the process of building contacts to increase the overall visibility of the brand and business. Through networking, a business owner can find prospects who may become long-term customers.

An effective branding process

Branding begins with the layout of the business logo, website presentation, and the appearance of the products and services. If the branding is highly effective, prospect turnover rate will yield better results.

Business owners can expect that more marketing techniques will appear before June 2013 ends. Therefore, it is imperative for a business owner to become updated at all times.

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