The zenith of the internet’s power gave way to different opportunities for small businesses, yet one issue remains certain: cyber attack.

According to global statistics, cyber attacks can cripple the financial state of any business, especially those ones that are still in the start-up phase. Hackers are creative enough in bypassing defences regularly, and their attacks are even masked up to some extent.

Internet professionals, to further raise awareness about network security, have shared some important tips about preventing cyber attacks.
  • Multi-layered defences. By having multiple security defenses, hackers will have a hard time stealing information from any business. This can be done by setting up complicated programs and firewalls to keep the hackers at bay. 
  • Security budget. This factor has been neglected by some business owners. Since cyber attacks have become more prevalent over the years, professionals believe that it is imperative for a business owner to have a budget for network security. 
  • Regular patching and updates. As attacks continue to develop and become more sophisticated over the years, business owners should become more responsible. Security providers are always launching updates to keep up with the advanced nature of the attacks. These updates must be downloaded in order to keep network security to an optimum level. 
  • Security tests. Experts advise business owners to test the capabilities of their network security. In this way, weaknesses can be discovered and resolved before an actual attack takes place. Accounting software for small business should be tested for attacks since they contain important financial data. 
  • Disaster recovery plan. Despite the high level of security, some hackers may still succeed in their attacks. When this happens, the business owner should have the hindsight to see a successful attack; this will allow him to create a disaster recovery plan. With such plan, experts believe, data and financial losses will be set at the minimum.
It is also important that the network security of a business is resilient enough for data migration and can cover numerous devices.