Modern teamwork has been redefined through the process of technology outsourcing.

Professionals believe that technology outsourcing can help start-up businesses maximise their productivity rate at low costs. By outsourcing to other companies, the funds needed for implementing and maintaining new IT systems can be used for other components of the business.

There are, however, some instances wherein small business owners outsource the wrong services, costing hundreds and thousands of dollars. To help business owners save money on tech outsourcing, experts have emphasised important business tasks that must be outsourced to technology companies.

Business infrastructure

Setting up hardware systems, servers, and network systems will take time and energy. Additionally, the business infrastructure will have large overhead costs, depending on the size and services offered by the company. By outsourcing a tech company in business infrastructure, maintenance costs are reduced by a high percentage.

“Transitioning from a data centre to an Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider proved to be one of the best moves we made for our business,” Tim Maliyil said, founder and CEO of AlertBoot Mobile Security. AlertBoot provides global security service for various mobile devices.

“This evolution allows our engineering and customer-engagement teams to be more nimble and more focused on improving our product, instead of maintaining a large, cumbersome system,” Mr Maliyil added.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A business must have an efficient CRM system in order for it to become competitive. Since CRM is all about a detailed strategy in handling customers, it will require full maintenance and attention. Outsourcing CRM is essential for growing businesses that have a large consumer market. By outsourcing the CRM process to tech companies, business owners can focus on creating stable relationships with their customers.

E-commerce and Accounting

For start-up businesses, the accounting process can be done manually. However, as the business enters a significant growth phase, the accounting process will become more complicated. The manual accounting system will take more time compared to the automated process. Most tech companies today offer accounting software for small business. By outsourcing the e-commerce aspect of a business, monitoring online sales will become easier.

Business owners and professionals expect that more tech companies will offer their services in the coming years.

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