With small businesses relying on online transactions, accounting software for business have been receiving a high rate of client demand.

According to financial experts, accounting programs are essential to the overall success of a business. Such programs can help the business owner save time and money. Relying on accounting software is also optimum compared to manual accounting methods because it has a higher accuracy rate.

Online accounting programs are also updated on a regular basis so that they can remain competitive and amiable for different clients across the globe.

Shoebooks, one of the major providers of online accounting software in the cyberspace, has introduced various enhancements to their program. These enhancements have made the accounting software more flexible and reliable.

Shoebooks Accounting Program can provide automatic schedules for invoices, payments, and remittances. Business owners can also create their own schedules to match their accounting preferences.

To ease the process of tracking down products, Shoebooks has an inventory setup. With this, business owners can easily monitor the rate at which products are dispensed.

Shoebooks can also address major tax discrepancies by offering a complete financial reporting feature. Clients can see the financial information in divisional basis, thus making the accounting report understandable. Another benefit of this is that clients can input details with relative ease. There are also different templates for custom reports.

Here are the other important features of Shoebooks Accounting Program:
  • Attachments allowed in .pdf, .doc, .xls, .xml, and .eml
  • Complete payroll information for employee
  • Unlimited foreign currency setup with data about losses and gains
  • Functional employee portal setup
  • Easy data migration
  • Light CRM to track down business progress and growth
  • Easy integration of accounting systems
  • Securely hosted in Australia
Shoebooks offers a 30-day free trial for all interested clients to test the features that the revolutionary program is packed with.

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